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"Hello! Welcome to another GRTV After News. I'm Alex as usual taking you through the afternoon's latest and greatest in gaming gear, tech, entertainment, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor Network. So if you like movie reviews, game reviews, game previews, exclusive content and more, be sure to check out wherever you get your local Gamereactor from. But with enough of me babbling, we're going to be talking about the biggest thing from yesterday. I know we had a big Nintendo Parlour Direct, I know we had the announcement of Hi-Fi Rush coming to PS5 but really, is there anything bigger than the Elden Ring DLC right now?
It feels like no, that might just be because I'm biased but honestly the Direct yesterday, it gave us sort of what we already knew but I think the big thing that sort of kind of surprised everyone was the fact that Elden Ring, its DLC, there's a lot of stuff about it and we're probably going to be covering it all the four months up until it releases in June."

"But anyway, Hidetaka Miyazaki, if you don't know who that is, get a life. Or maybe if you know who that is too well, get a life. Just kidding on both accounts of course. But in any case, he's the guy who's sort of the head honcho of the Soulsborne Sekiro Ring series as it's known I guess. And he's given us some more details. Ben covered the announcement of the DLC itself this morning but in, as always, there's always developing stories in this case."

"And so we're going to go over basically what Miyazaki said is coming in this expansion.
It's going to be From Software's biggest, biggest expansion yet. It's going to be priced at $40. This isn't in this article, it's in another one from this morning that you can check out on Game Reactive right now because there's just so much news. We decided to split it up to save time and to save your reading eyes. You know, if you just want to know what's coming, check out this one. If you want to know the prices of the collector's editions and stuff, check out the other one."

"But anyway.
It's $40, it comes with a map that's sort of bigger than Limgrave I think Miyazaki compared it to, 10 new bosses, 8 new weapon categories, loads of new weapons to fill out those categories, new equipment, new skills, all that good stuff. You're probably going to want to change your build as soon as you get into the new game. But yeah, it seems very, very exciting. Of course we've also got a new story, Helmed by George RR Martin. Miyazaki made it clear to state that George RR Martin hasn't come in to do new work, it's more when he was writing the lore for Elden Ring."

"Miyazaki and the FromSoftware team took a look at it and thought that this part of the story would be a great way to get the DLC.
If you haven't yet watched the trailer basically, it looks like we're heading into the Shadow Realm I believe it's called, something similar like that where basically we can see Mikella is there or I think technically his statue title is Messmer the Impaler or something like that. It might not technically be Mikella. I'm going to save that for someone who really, really knows the lore and this stuff. Or they might just be saving it up for later in the story if they're interested."

"it for another thing.
I'm terrified of this expansion as I think it's going to contain bosses harder than Melania which is going to make me want to die.
But in any case, what are you excited about Elden Ring Shadow of the Oatry for?
What in this big long list has you excited the most?
It's $40, do you think that's a fair price point?
Let me know all that and more as usual but I'll be seeing you on tomorrow's GRTV News."

"Until then, bye bye."

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