The Ridge Wallet (Quick Look) - Nakit ve kartları daha güvenli ve emniyetli bir şekilde saklayın

Bu cüzdan, RFID'yi engellemek için tasarlanmıştır ve nakit paranız veya kartlarınız için asla endişelenmenize gerek kalmamasını sağlamak için metalden yapılmıştır.

Ses deşifresi

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Yes, it is time for us to take a look at something from Ridge.
It is a company that has had a tremendous success over the past 5-10 years and you may have seen them as sponsors on your favorite YouTubers or channels for years and years."

"And there's a good reason for that because a lot of these creators and these creative people, well, they can really dig what Ridge is doing and they accept their sponsorships as a result.
Now, this isn't sponsored or anything but they did agree to send us just a few samples of what they do and given our experience with EDC coverage in general, I said yes because I do think that it's very nice the way that we can optimize our gear so that we save space and create something which is also safe and that is very important for something like a wallet."

"And I don't know about you but this is very small.
I don't carry a lot of stuff around with me but I do want an AirTag on my wallet because I lose it and I don't want it to get really lost if it gets stolen or something.
And I also carry quite a few cards."

"I've tried to slim it down over the years but there's just some things that I just want to carry and don't want to have flapping about in a different wallet somewhere.
So I have my basics and I want those and they all fit in here while it being by far the smallest wallet that I've ever carried."

"Let's go over what exactly this is.
So it is a set of RFID blocking plates which is held in tight with this strap here.
This particular model is the tobacco brown leather but you can get them in a whole host of different versions."

"And if you get tired of this particular kit that you bought, this is 140 euro which isn't cheap by the way, but it is like precision milled to the point where you can kind of feel that it is supposed to be that expensive.
One of the things that is really cool is that these sides here, the tobacco brown leather sides are held down by small screws."

"You can remove those screws with a screwdriver like any sort of small Philips head will do but you do get one when you buy your Ridge wallet which is a great little addition.
When you remove that, you can put on additional sides if you want or like exterior plates for instance."

"It is an incredibly little small feature which means that you can just adapt your wallet as your taste changes over the years and you can maintain sort of the same core functionality here.
Now obviously this little strap here is also meant to hold like cash or whatever."

"I don't really do that.
You can also get a coin tray which fits as like a slightly larger card within these two plates but I don't really use that either, I just don't really carry cash with me.
For me it's just overall the versatility and the small size which makes all the difference."

"Now there isn't, besides being a card holder of sorts, there isn't really a pop-up feature.
That means that there is a cutout here on this particular side meaning that I can put my finger there and push my cards out and then find the card that I need in that given situation."

"But it's not really a set feature that, you know, it pops them out in a particular formation so it's easy to see.
Some card holders do that.
No, I push and then they pop out from without the, from the interblocking plates there and I sort of have to figure out which one that I need."

"It's not the most sort of graceful thing but it is functional and also means that there is no fluff here because a spring mechanism or something like that would take up space, add weight and that's not what Ridge is trying to do.
There is also this little metallic air tack holder here which you can, what I basically did was that I removed this tobacco brown leather cover and then inserted it."

"There are like specific drilled holes from it here at the top, inserted this air tack holder and then I reattached the tobacco brown leather backplate.
Really cool stuff.
You can get it in different styles if you want but I found this to be, beautiful is perhaps too much of a stretch but sufficiently subtle so that I can just enjoy the fact that I've slimmed down my everyday carry to this."

"So very good.
We'll be taking a look at other Ridge products.
They also make these little key holders and they also make watches and we'll take a look at those in future videos."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."


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