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Frontier Developments ' yaklaşan strateji oyununu, öne çıkması ve selefinin ötesinde üstün olması için nasıl geliştirildiğini ve yinelendiğini görmek için uygulamalı olarak inceledik.

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"We often find it difficult to get excited for sports games simply because many tend toward an annual release format where there are only marginal improvements to be found each year. However, there must be something in the F1 water, perhaps a desire to keep iterating and innovating like the sport itself, because the simulation masters over at Frontier Developments have managed to create and introduce meaningful and exciting improvements for their annual F1 Manager titles, and this year's game, F1 Manager 2024, their third in the series, is following suit once again. We've had a chance to dive into a bit of F1 Manager 2024 as part of a preview session to be able to test out and put many of the new features through the wringer for a few hours. While there are clearly still a few quirks that the series has struggled to iron out ever since its inception, this game does have the potential to be great as the new features and systems are game-changers in many ways."

"At the top of this list is the Create a Team game mode. This isn't anything new to the simulation or F1 space, as we've seen it used elsewhere, but what it does do is throw a massive spanner into the simulated works and open the doors to newfound personal opportunities at the same time. You can create a team from scratch. You can choose your livery, name, colour scheme, logo design, sponsors, driver line-up, racing suit design, how the car is built to operate. If you can think of it, you probably have to take responsibility for it in this mode. It's a lot to manage without a doubt, but it's also very pleasing to have complete control over a team, and F1 Manager 2024 has all the tools in place to allow you to do this. But you have to be smart regardless of your budget, as if you select two veteran drivers, both will be expecting to win races and anything less will lead to frustration and intra-team rifts forming. If you thought managing a multi-million pound sports team was hard enough, now try doing it while keeping all of your employees happy. That's the concept of the new mentality system, where every employee, including your drivers, will have an emotional status, one that changes depending on how they are treated, their performance, team performance, contract status, how much they're being worked, and so forth. If the business and management stress wasn't enough, then the race day problems will no doubt push many over the edge. Frontier clearly thought that players had it too easy during a Grand Prix, as mechanical faults have now been introduced. Essentially, the more wear and tear your respective car parts take, the more likely they are to break. As you only have a certain legal number of each part during a season, with more available at the cost of penalties, you have to attempt to make each last for as long as they can, but more often than not, that comes with a major risk, and potential for a failure that could end a race altogether."

"The mechanical fault feature, matched up with the creator team mode and the new, more detailed management systems do mean that F1 Manager 2024 is shaping up to be a truly big step forward for the series. It isn't perfect by any stretch yet, and we noticed a few issues with the logo and customisation suite being a bit of a nuisance to use, and car models during races clipping through each other and generally being clunky, as has been the case with the series since its inception. We would expect a few of these problems to be ironed out before launch though, but otherwise it does seem like Frontier is looking to get the jump on Codemasters with the F1 series here. It's a level of detail in this game that the more racing-centric series cannot match, and we're not just referring to the simulation elements, but in how the drivers and team employees talk to each other to share vital information using the voices of their real counterparts, for example. The best way to describe this game and this series overall is that it's made for true F1 fans to realise their dreams in the motorsport, and this year's edition is looking to take that to a new level."

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