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GRTV Haberleri - Rapor: Red Dead Redemption PC'ye geliyor

14 yıl sonra Rockstar's Western'in PC'si gelebilir mi?

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"Hello and welcome back to another GRTV News, I'm Alex as usual taking you through the afternoons latest and greatest in gaming, gear, technology, entertainment, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here for you GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor network as a whole, so if you like movie reviews, gaming reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content and so much more, be sure to check out Gamereactor wherever you get it from."

"But without further ado, let's get to today's news piece, once again I'm very apologetic because I have to close the window because someone outside has decided now is the time to start using a power hose or something similar, if you can't hear that, great, if you could hear that, I'm very sorry. In any case, Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC apparently, or at least it could be, we're approaching the 14th anniversary of the release of Red Dead Redemption, sorry, Red Dead Redemption 1, I think I said 2, it's because the source that we're getting is Tez2, who is a prominent sort of Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar leaker and content creator, and or their follower. And they've posted an image with a text that reads as follows, Journey across the sprawling expanse of the American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption and its zombie horror companion Undead Nightmare now playable on PC. Now this is coming from the Rockstar's launcher site file, which basically means that it's sort of hidden within the depths of the Rockstar launcher's site. Now, this does imply that we're getting a PC release and it implies that we're getting one very soon as it says it's now playable on PC. The 10th anniversary is in 4 days I believe on the 18th of May, which means that we could see an announcement imminently. As always take your pinch of salt, I didn't write it in this piece, but on the news take your pinch of salt because it's only just a report at the minute. It does seem to be pretty legit, but sometimes these things could be intended releases that never saw the light of day or something like that. It is a new update, so it would be strange if we didn't see Red Dead come to PC. I mean it came to PS4 and Switch last year and even though it didn't really upgrade much in terms of the visuals, like don't expect going to Red Dead Redemption 1 into being a massive remaster or remake or anything like that because Rockstar just isn't interested because they're pretty sure I think that the game will sell even if they don't necessarily put that much into renewing it. That's just a bit of editorialising there, but I don't expect there to be some random mega upgrade considering we didn't have that when the PS4 and Switch versions launched last year. In any case it's still pretty exciting stuff for a lot of fans who have been waiting for years for this to come out. Previously the only way you could play it on PC was illegitimately through an emulator and so now it'll be really interesting to see people go through that experience. Red Dead Redemption 2, the prequel is actually already on PC, so if you've somehow not seen spoilers, not seen anything of Red Dead Redemption 1 and you want to see the story in a completely new light, you'll be able to do just that. I don't know who those people are, but they might be out there, you never know really. But yes, let me know what you think about Red Dead Redemption 1 coming to PC. Are you excited? Do you not care at this point? Do you think it's long time overdue?
Do you think it's even going to happen? And I'll see you in tomorrow's CRTV News piece."

"Bye bye."

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