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GRTV News - Prime Video bir Tomb Raider serisi geliştiriyor

Crystal Dynamics macera dizisini teslim edecek, böylece TV dizisi uyarlaması muamelesi görecek bir sonraki kişi olabilir.

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another episode of GRTV News.
Today we're going to be talking about one of many different bits of news that broke last night."

"There was tons of stuff actually.
Prime Video did this sort of massive collection of announcements at once and they revealed so much stuff.
Roadhouse sequels and development."

"The Boys has been greenlit for season 5.
The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power is going to be returning in late August.
Lots of different things including various other sort of, let's say less nerd culture stuff."

"So more sort of broader things that they're going to be bringing to the stream of Prime Video like a Legally Blonde prequel series with Reese Witherspoon back and a Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell comedy movie coming out in January 2025.
And then on top of that we had loads of other different bits of news from elsewhere."

"The premiere window for Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow was revealed.
The premiere window for Mortal Kombat 2, the movie, has been revealed.
Helldivers 2 is confirmed to be Playstation's fastest selling game of all time.
Lots of different things."

"But we're going to be going back a little bit and we're going to be talking about the Prime Video stuff once again because we know that Prime Video likes their adaptations and this one fits right into that bill.
So yes, Tomb Raider series confirmed to be coming to Prime Video."

"The streaming giant will be further looking to cash in on the video game adaptation craze.
So before we get into this though as well, it is worth saying that we've known about this for a while or there have been reports about this for a while.
Back in sort of January 2023 we were talking about this being a thing and a lot of the information from that January 2023 report has basically maintained all the way to this announcement in May 2024."

"So it's not exactly new, but it is a confirmation and we know that we're going to be getting it at some point now.
So it's quite exciting.
But anyway, considering the monumental and enormous success of Prime Video's Fallout series, it shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that the streaming giant is exploring even further ways to cash in on the video game adaptation craze."

"The latest will target Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games with this set to be a series made in collaboration between the game developer and Amazon MGM Studios.
The show will be written and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and will premiere solely and exclusively on the streaming platform."

"Speaking about this adaptation, VP of Amazon Games Christoph Hartmann stated, With great IP, the possibilities are endless.
The richness and depth of the fiction allows the Tomb Raider series from Prime Video and the video game from Amazon Games to tell separate stories about Lara Croft's adventures."

"We're honoured that Crystal Dynamics has entrusted Amazon with this iconic franchise and we're looking forward to seeing where this collaboration takes us.
Again, there is no further information in regard to release date, casting, plot or really anything of substance."

"And this also aligns with the previous report about this very project from all the way back in January 2023.
Now, I'm going to quickly click on this as well, because this is quite interesting.
So, yeah, this was back in January 2023 when we were talking about this."

"Oh, I misclicked.
And yeah, it's the same stuff.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is attached to the project, executive producer and screenwriter.
There's something unclear as to whether these ones are also going to be still attached to the project."

"But there are no plans for Waller-Bridge to appear in front of the camera.
Still no plans for that or no mention of it just yet.
And again, this is all coming from a report from The Hollywood Reporter that stated that this has been the case and that, yeah, another TV series on Amazon, which is basically what's been confirmed now."

"So, yeah, quite an interesting thing that's coming.
Doesn't really surprise me this is the case.
That video has supposedly also, you know, there's the report that went about a while ago that Amazon is working with PlayStation Productions on a God of War series as well."

"We haven't heard anything about that in a long time.
So it's difficult to know whether it's still in existence, but if the Tomb Raider situation here with the report about it coming out all those, you know, what would it be sort of nearly 17 months ago now, then and that's still being very much, you know, a real project that's being worked on."

"And it does give you a little bit of hope that some of the other things that we've seen reported in the past about the way that Amazon is looking into exploring further video game adaptations and IP, that it could be real as well.
But again, as we know more about this Tomb Raider project and all the other things that Amazon do, we'll be sure to get you posted and updated."

"Otherwise, be sure to go to your local Game Rants region if you love movie news and you love TV series news and all that good stuff, because there was literally a horde of it last night, an absolute ton of it.
So, yeah, be sure to check all that out."

"Otherwise, that's all the time that I have on today's episode of GRTV News.
I'll see you all tomorrow for the next one of the week.
Take care, everyone."

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