Overwatch 2

Is the San Francisco Shock returning to competitive Overwatch 2?

NRG's CEO seems to be teasing as much.


With the esports organisation NRG being one of the partnered teams for the coming Esports World Cup, we're seeing the team expand and sign multiple new rosters and players to be able to compete in the various tournaments present in Saudi Arabia this summer. It looks like this expansion will also see one of NRG's existing but currently unoperated teams making a comeback too.

Following the collapse of the Overwatch League, NRG's San Francisco Shock has not been in operation, but it seems like this could change. In reply to a poll conducted on the Shock's social channels that saw Overwatch regarded as the leading game in which fans wanted to see NRG form and support a roster, NRG CEO and founder Andy Miller has simply stated, "Hell yah! Give us a week or so to cook!"

Essentially, it seems like we can expect something NRG x Overwatch related next week, and hopefully this will mean a return of the Shock, arguably the most decorated team to exist in the Overwatch League era.

Overwatch 2
Photo: Overwatch League

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